11 Ways to Cook a Pumpkin

Pumpkin recipes

Pump up your dinner plate

It’s getting chilly out.

Dig out your woolies, throw some logs on the fire and and burn your bikini. Summer is over.

If your diet is dictated by the next time you need to bare your body in swimwear, Autumn is probably the season you can really dominate the dinner plate.

The tumbling temperature doesn’t mean the healthy eating game is over though. Get a taste for the season with these delicious and healthy pumpkin recipes…

1. This low-calorie spiced pumpkin, lentil and goat’s cheese salad will trump any salad you consumed this summer

2. Whip up some healthy oatmeal and pumpkin pancakes to jazz up your Sunday breakfast

3. Pot up this perfect pumpkin chutney as a homemade Christmas gift for friends and family

4. Cripple that hangover with this energising banana and pumpkin smoothie

5. Take on the traditional pumpkin pie with a healthy spin

6. Get a post-exercise boost with these autumnal pumpkin snack bars

7. Warm the cockles with this pork and pumpkin chili

8. This pumpkin-walnut focaccia with gruyere will make you wonder why you ever settled for plain old bread

9. Embrace this Paleo-friendly I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-dairy pumpkin-coconut bisque

10. Spice up the season with this phenomenal pumpkin and chickpea curry

11. Honey and thyme roasted pumpkin… Okay, so this might not be quite so healthy but how could you refuse?

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