5 ways to talk yourself out of going to the gym

LoveheartAre you a gym dodger?

We’ve all been there before but we all know – these flabby excuses only manage to keep our thighs as such.

If you’re finding it hard to listen to your conscience, read on for some tips on how to not succumb to your inner slob…

Excuse #1: My kit’s not clean

Ah. That one. Are you supposed to smell good when you exercise? If you’re pounding the pavement in the fresh air – who cares! Unless your kit has reached noxious levels or you truly feel at odds with your personal hygiene standards, go for it (perhaps in a well ventilated space). It might also help if you had more than one kit.

Excuse #2: I should have fun and go for a beer

Discipline is all about remembering what you want. You want beer? Then sweat for it! It’ll taste so much sweeter after a workout.

Excuse #3: I’ll starve instead

Yes, correct. That’s the healthy option, right? Wrong! You’ll only binge when the lack of self restraint comes back around and bites you on the backside. Not eating = not cool.

Excuse #4: I don’t have time

The snooze button has been your biggest ally for the best part of an hour, and now it’s too late. You were just too tired. Getting up for work is possible though. If you can get up to bring home the bacon, why not get up to work off that bacon sarnie you devoured last night?

Excuse #5: My body can’t cope with it today

It’s important not to over-exert yourself. If you are feeling genuinely unwell or in pain, you definitely shouldn’t do exercise. If on the other hand, a twitchy eye or a sore thumb is the only barrier between you and the treadmill, think again.


If the above doesn’t satisfy your inner quitter, let us revert back to the age-old tip from our good friends at Nike …

Just do it!

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